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Adema Updates...

Adema have parted ways with singer, Marky Chavez as of September 1st. Marky Chavez is the 2nd band member to leave aside from guitarist Mike Ransom, who left the band late 2003. So far, there has no official word as to why Marky Chavez has left.

The rest of Adema, guitarist Tim Fluckey, bassist Dave DeRoo, and drummer Kris Kohls, do not plan on giving up so easily. They are currently holding auditions for 6 singers right now in California. None of those auditoners are from any bands, nor do they hold any sort of fame.

The band plans on recording the entire process of finding a new singer and recording a new album in a reality TV type of way.

Adema's new album, entitled Four Closure, is planned to be released in January of 2005.

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